"It took us over two years to find a house in this tough and uncertain housing market and there are absolutely no words to describe how helpful Yulka was throughout this whole process. Yulka is one of those few agents who really cares about finding a perfect home for her clients regardless of how much time it takes. We never felt any pressure from Yulka. As a matter of fact, in a few cases when we got tired from looking and were ready to just settle on a house, Yulka was the one who kept telling us to not give up and keep looking for that perfect one. Yulka is extremely professional and her integrity really shines through everything she does (starting from her patience and always being on time to never pushing her customers’ over their comfort spending zone and always truly looking out for their interests). It’s not every day you can meet a person in this field who you can really trust and who truly cares. To her it’s not about closing about closing a transaction and moving on to the next one, it’s about really working with people, truly understanding their criteria and finding just what they want. It was a great pleasure working with Yulka over such a long period of time and I am confident that it would not have been the same without her". - Irina and Yura Feygin


"The fact that I'm selecting the same Realtor for the 3rd time within the last six years while buying and selling properties is the best proof of her knowledge, professionalism, honesty and desire to find the best possible property and help you to get it for the best price." - Alex Rosenfeld


"There are several moments in a person's life which are not only defining but also so incredibly overwhelming that it becomes difficult to make objective decisions. Buying a house is one of those times. My situation was compounded by the fact that I wanted to use two government financial assistance programs to purchase the property and the fact that the property was a short sale. Suddenly the miles of red tape put forth by the banks were dwarfed by the bureaucracy of both state and federal programs. The hundreds of forms and thousands of questions threatened to drown me in a maze of legalese. Yet somehow I made it out alright. I ended up buying a beautiful property and got a great deal. My good fortune I completely blame on Yulka Markevich. Her intuitive and logical understanding of the market made it possible to haggle with a bank committee based some 3000 miles away. Her attention to detail ensured that the deal went smoothly and that both my lawyer and my mortgage broker were always aware of their responsibilities. Her dedication to my venture took us through virtually every neighborhood in Stamford until the right opportunity presented itself." - Oleg Iogman


"This was our first time home buying experience and it turned to be smooth and easy. Yulka found a perfect home for us at the right price. She was always available when we had questions or concerns. Yulka provided us with necessary contacts and recommendations. She guided us through every step of finding and buying our home. She helped us to make necessary renovations before we moved in. We highly recommend Yulka as a professional real estate agent and would choose her again as our real estate agent." -Aleksey Zemlevskiy & Aleksandra Zemlevskaya. 


“Yulka is a very diligent, hard-working and professional real estate agent. She is always ready to work around your schedule and to set up appointments at a convenient time. Yulka stays on top of the current developments in the market. She is also conversant with housing rules and regulations and helped us a lot in obtaining required city records. What we especially liked is that Yulka is not a self-imposing “I-know-it-all” type of an agent, and yet she was able to take initiative whenever needed”. – Eugene & Elena Elenev


“Excellent customer service, good advisor” – Lilian & Julian Kunin

“Dear Yulka, thank you for understanding of our needs, your patience and support. We know we were difficult clients, on- and off-the market, changing goals, no time constrains. We felt sorry for giving you hard time. What we got from you was dedication, professionalism, good advice and a lot of patience. It was because of you that we’ve ended up with buying what we were looking for. With gratitude Svetlana and Vladimir Valednitsky


"Excellent broker! Patient, knowledgeable and caring. 150% satisfaction! Will recommend to everybody. Simply the best! Thanks for everything." - Mr. & Mrs. Soulima


"Yulka is absolutely wonderful, honest, knowledgeable, very friendly. She is always available when you have a question or have some concerns. Always gives you honest and helpful suggestions. If you are the first time buyer, she's the best person to help you to find the right home for you and help you to go through the whole process. Yulka started as my Realtor and now she is my friend." - Marina Hanguladze.


"Yulka was very knowledgeable of the market condition. She helped us find a great place and was able to reduce the price by more then we thought was possible. In addition, her friendliness made the whole process enjoyable for us. We would certainly use Yulka's services again in the future and recommend her to our friends."  - Vika and  Iliyan Tinkov


"Wonderful and very professional person. Great experience. Very patient. I will definitely use her again."  - Lana Miller


"Yulka took the time to get to know me an my husband and what we were looking for. She never pushed us to buy something and acted politely and professionally every time we spoke. We 100% recommend her to anyone and will guarantee she won't disappoint" - Olha Mohylnytska and Yuriy Matselyukh


"Yulka, I want to thank you again for being so helpful and patient with us through all those years. You are the best!!!"- Sam and Ksenia Vaner


"Thank you for helping us. It was pleasure to work with you" - Svetlana and Zdravko Rachev    

“We used the service of Yulka in purchasing our new home and selling the old condo. The entire process was brief and pleasant due to the high integrity and knowledge Yulka possesses. Her nice personality and willingness to go above and beyond of what was necessary made the stressful period of moving in and out as smooth as possible. Without doubt we highly recommend Yulka to all our friends and would use her service again.”- Irina and Nick Lepore


“Yulka is a professional agent who helps you all the way through a hassle of buying a new house—from market exploring to closing and even after moving in. You get all your questions answered and feel constant support by an expert in real estate business. Yulka is definitely the best” - Alex Salgan


“Five years ago when I bought my first house I had a very negative experience with the realtor. When I was selling my house I enlisted Yulka to help me and she did a great job. She was very honest and new a lot about her business. She sold my house and helped me buy a condo. I want to work with her again. I like her, she is like my family”- Valentina Brown


“ ...Yulka treated us as if we were her sole customers. Aside from being an incredibly honest and nice person, Yulka is extremely responsible, professional and informative. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of real estate services.” - Mikhail and Inna Zelenberg


“Yulka is an excellent real estate agent. She pays close attention to her clients needs. We have worked with her a number of times and it's always been a great experience.” - Feldman Family


“ We are very glad to have Yulka as our Realtor. She was very responsive to our demands, spent a lot of time with us, even at unconventional hours, gave us good advises, since we were inexperienced in the market. Eventually we got what we wanted. Looking back, we understand that we were very fortunate to have Yulka services” - The Lerner Family


“ Patience is the key to any good realtor and Yulka has tons of it. Will work with her any time again” - Tony and Carmen Silver


“ We always felt very comfortable in the whole process. Yulka was very easy-going and always accessible to us. She was not there to sell, she was there to help. ” - Aleks and Anna Fromzel


“...We had highly personalized service. All our problems were solved. We think with help of Yulka we found and bought the best place within our price range” - The Podelko Family


“Very professional, realistic, knowledgeable of the market. Helpful at every step from selling and buying to moving; Has very helpful suggestions; knows the necessary people and has excellent and relevant recommendations.” - Abe and Julie Cohen


“Yulka is a very professional realtor. She knows the market; she is very honest, friendly, always with a smile. In my case she really understood my needs. I needed some work to be done before I moved in and she found the workers right away. Not only did she found the condo that I was looking for, but I also gained a good friend.”- Sonia Avny


“Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation. Your knowledge became a key ingredient in making this process much easier” - Adriana Osorio


“Yulka was essential to my delightful home-buying experience. She found me the perfect home at the right price while guiding before during and after the sale. I would definitely choose her again should I need a realtor in the future.”- Yoshi Hirabayashi


“When we decided to sell out old home and buy a new one, we knew very little about the real estate market. We had a lot of questions and no idea about the process. The best decision that we made was to call Yulka.; she made our lives much easier. She gave us a lot of ideas about the real estate market, what to look for, answered all our questions and gave us the best advice. We think Yulka is the best real estate agent out there. She not only has a great personality but she also knows the market better than anyone else we have spoken with. It was a pleasure to work with her. Yulka never pushed us to make any decisions but rather gave us the advice and the tools necessary to come to our own decisions; she never rushed us to do anything. Now we are living in a beautiful new house and are incredibly thankful to Yulka. If you are looking for a now house or thinking about selling your old one, call her and you will be glad you did, we certainly are!” - The Portnoy Family


“We were very pleased with our real estate experience. Not only Yulka made herself available to us to go house hunting sometimes for the full day, but she also took care of our mortgage needs. We sold our condo in 10 days and had an easy closing on our new house on the same day. Thank you Yulka!” - Oksana & Yuri Chorny


“We were very satisfied with Yulka’s professionalism and would recommend her services to all our friends.” - Victor & Yelena Sheptovitsky


“Thank you for all your help. We’ve enjoyed working with you” - Ilona & Michael Kitain


“Yulka has become much more than a real estate broker to us. She has helped us to buy two properties and sell one. She became a friend to our family. Yulka’s personal attention to details, ability to listen and understand your needs make her a truly special. Thank you” - The Livshits Family


“Yulka was always there for us, she showed us more than 15 units before we bought our condo. She was patient and helpful during our real estate transaction” - Nabil Abdelsaid and Hanaa Mohamed


“Yulka Markevich of the Iron Gates Realty is the most professional realtor that I have ever dealt with. She has the experience you can trust and the knowledge you want in a realtor. Yulka knows local market extremely well and is very good at estimating the value of the property. In May of 2003 she has patiently led us through the process of selling our condo and very effectively marketed it. I have to admit, it would have been sold much quicker if we would take her advice from the start. Yulka is very honest and always had her client’s best interests in mind. She found a way to have a satisfactory transaction for both us and purchaser by helping us to find people of fix your place up cost effectively and negotiation other minor details.” - The Seagull Family


“Yulka is the best realtor we’ve dealt with. Not only she’s very knowledgeable, she is also a very good person. She will take you through the difficult process of buying/selling with ease and re-assurance. She will be available 24x7 to answer all your questions and I guarantee that she will become your good friend for life. It’s been five years since we bought our house but we still keep in touch and rely on her for advise with home improvements and home projects.” - The Sapoz Family


“From my experience, Yulka Markevich—the best realtor. Everyone will get the highest level of satisfaction with real estate process. Thank you very much” - Joseph Lvovich


“Yulka Markevich has proven to be a high-level professional in her field. We had a great time looking for a new house as well as selling our old one. Yulka made that process very stress-free and enjoyable by knowing the market very well and catering to our special needs and tastes. Great job!” - Narina and Gary Shuster


“Yulka helped us buy our first home as a newly married couple. Buying a home can be an emotional rollercoaster. Yulka’s levelheaded guidance, disciplined negotiation skills and impeccable professionalism made our home buying experience an absolute pleasure. We have recommended her to our friends and family and will continue to do so.” - Natasha and Michael Thomas


“Yulka is a very knowledgeable, trustworthily and professional realtor. She helped me in finding my current home, which I have been in since October 2005. I was a first time homebuyer, and Yulka was very helpful in guiding me through each step in the process. I would recommend her to friends and family without reservation” - Rob Troccolo


“My experience with Yulka was great. I was relocation and she helped me find a great condo that I love. I would definitely recommend her in the future. Thanks again for everything, Yulka” - Michael Giallella


“Yulka Markevich is an excellent realtor. She worked with us for a year. We didn’t even understand our needs until she showed us our beautiful townhouse. We love our place and really appreciate her integrity, honesty and hard work.”


“I’m very pleased with Yulka’s services. She’s a knowledgeable realtor. She worked in constant contact with me to find the exact property I wanted at the price I wanted. And she even assisted me with securing a mortgage. I greatly appreciate her services and I will use them next time I need to find a home. Thanks, Yulka!” - Grigoriy Gershman


“We admire the professional training and practical experience of Yulka, she works hard to earn her reputation” - Oleg Petsukh


“ Yulka is a very professional and has a great knowledge of the market. Thank you, Yulka” - Elena Diakov


“Yulka was a one-stop shop for my needs when I was looking for a condo. She got me a lawyer, a financer and even and inspector. She was very knowledgeable about the property and pointed our little defects that I hadn’t noticed on my own. I’d definitely call upon her for my rent property and most certainly refers her to my friend and colleges” - Prasad Chaliconda


“Yulka is very helpful and professional. It was our first real estate purchase and we are very happy with our purchase experience. Yulka also helped us with a lot’s of info and advice after we moved into our house.”


“Yulka is very nice and professional person! She is a hard worker!”


“Very professional and friendly service. Will use again and will recommend to my friends”